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Wool the People Tree way

People Tree partners with KTS in Nepal to create hand-knitted garments and accessories made with sheep’s wool.

People Tree is committed to sustainability in every aspect of our business. We share our customers’ concerns about animal welfare. We want to answer your questions about how and why People Tree uses sheep’s wool.

Why does People Tree use wool?

We use wool for 3 reasons:

Wool is...


Wool is a natural material that has been used for thousands of years.

It provides warmth, breathability and all-weather protection. Also, wool is beautiful and durable.

Wool is...


Unlike synthetic materials that are extremely slow to degrade, wool is a natural material that will biodegrade when disposed of.

It can also be readily recycled.

Wool is...


Wool is a sustainable, renewable resource.

Every year new wool grows on a sheep’s back and can be removed without any harm to the animal.

Where is People Tree’s wool sourced?

People Tree currently sources sheep’s wool from New Zealand, which has an Animal Welfare Act establishing a duty of care for animals. Learn more...

Our Merino wool is mulesing free.

How does hand knitting create livelihoods?

KTS employs over 2,000 hand knitters who produce a collection of hand knitted garments and accessories for People Tree.

KTS not only craft unique and beautiful products, but also provides women with the valuable opportunity to work and receive fair pay.

KTS was established to assist the local Pode community of street sweepers, who are denied opportunities such as an education and employment by the local community in Nepal.

The artisans are mostly women and working from home for People Tree and have allowed these craftswomen to look after their children at the same time as gaining an income. 


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