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About the Producer: Dev Tech

Dev Tech is a small producer group that provides jobs to artisans in rural Bangladesh and has its garment production unit in based in Dhaka. They make beautifully unique, hand-woven garments which are one of a kind. The whole process is done by hand from preparing the yarn for the loom to weaving the fabric, which is then cut and tailored into a People Tree garment. 

The short turnarounds demanded by the fast fashion industry leave no time for these traditional skills and the beautiful fabrics that are the finished product. Fair Trade production, with longer lead times, plays a vital part in ensuring the craft remains viable and is passed on to future generations. 

Producer Profile

Saidul has been working with Dev Tech since it began. He has a good relationship with the Dev Tech team. As Saidul puts it:

"It’s not like working in conventional garment factories where the staff are not treated well and people use foul language. In conventional factories you can lose your job if you don’t reach daily quotas, there is not guarantee of employment. At Dev Tech there is less pressure and you can expand your experience in different areas of the work."


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